Revivals sadly says farewell to San Diego

Hillcrest store contributed more than $80,000 in cash and merchandise to area AIDS service organizations

For four years, the Revivals store at 1644 University in Hillcrest has been helping to provide financial support, merchandise vouchers, and in-store promotion to Mama’s Kitchen, the LGBT Center, and Being Alive as they serve those living with or affected by HIV or AIDS.

“These are such worthwhile organizations, doing some of the same work in San Diego that D.A.P. does in the Coachella Valley and beyond,” said David Brinkman, CEO of Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs. “Even though our Revivals store is, unfortunately, closing, we continue to wish them nothing but the best in serving their clients and fulfilling their missions.” When Revivals, the chain of resale stores benefitting Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs, opened its Hillcrest location at 1644 University in San Diego on February 7, 2011 they hoped the store would continue helping to support local AIDS service organizations (ASOs) for many years to come.

Contributing more than $30,000 in $10 merchandise cards over four years, Revivals helped provide clothing, basic necessities for living, and more to needy clients of local ASOs. Over that same time, the Hillcrest Revivals contributed nearly $50,000 to sponsor local fundraisers like “Nightmare on Normal Street” for The Center and the annual wine event for Mama’s Kitchen. And the store manager, employees, and volunteers were always eager to help promote events like the San Diego AIDS Walk with in-store features and through the highly-visible windows at the Hillcrest Revivals.

“We’ve loved working with the great group of employees and volunteers at the Hillcrest store but sadly, we’ve lost our lease on the property,” said Mike Scarff, D.A.P.’s Director of Retail who heads up operations for all Revivals stores. “After examining a number of different options that would have made it feasible for us to continue operating in the San Diego market, we have begun the process of selling inventory in the final phases of closing the store on February 28.”

As they sadly say good-bye to Hillcrest and San Diego, Revivals encourages local ASOs to use the rest of their merchandise vouchers … and for everyone to enjoy the increasing savings they’ll find at Revivals all the way up to closing day on February 28.

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