Have a spooktacular Halloween at Revivals!


Need to find that last minute spooktacular Halloween piece? Look no further than Revivals! We are stocked up on the weird, wonderful, spooky and wacky for the eeriest of all nights. Play dress up in our clothing department to find that great vintage piece for your one of a kind Halloween costume. Creep around our 3 locations to find the perfect decoration to make your party pop! Be sure to make a scare this year with Revivals!


Revivals Buys Out MacMillan’s Resort Wear

shutterstock_13299787Arthur MacMillan’s mind was on giving back he when decided to close his beloved business, MacMillian’s Resort Wear, at the end of 2014. And so it came to pass that a couple of days before Christmas, Mr. MacMillan sold his large inventory of colorful slacks and flowing frocks to Revivals – where he knew it would do the most good for the community that had supported him for so many years.

For those who appreciate a little history, resort or beach wear was introduced in the early wartime era. Back then, the more relaxed styles and lighter color fabrics were the privilage of wealthy socialites and movie stars who used their vacation (and fashion) for equal parts relaxation and publicity. At the end of the 1920s, resort wear became more available as ready-to-wear couture, giving a growing number of international elite the opportunity to flaunt the latest fashions while on vacation in exotic locals. Thus, a trend was born. Louge wear has continued to evolve throughout the decades with modern styles ranging from cruise ship chic to golf club casual.

The MacMillan buyout was massive, consisting of both modern-day and vintage items. Well over 10,000 pieces of men’s and women’s resort style clothing was painstakingly relocated from the former store at N. Palm Canyon Drive. Some of the beloved brands that made the journey include Tommy Bahama, Jam’s World, Nat Nast, Kahala, Reyn Spooner, Tori Richards, and many more.

It took more than five days to divide and move the ample inventory to its new home(s) at our three Revivals locations:  Palm Springs, Cathedral City, and Palm Desert. Each branch is proud to offer areas dedicated to resort wear in both the men’s and women’s sections with sizes ranging from XS all the way up to 4XL.

True to the Revivals promise to bring you the best at affordable prices, we’ve tagged all lounge wear at 60% to 80% off the original retail price.(Pause for gasp.) We have T-Shirts for $12.00, short sleeve shirts from $25 to $40, skirts and dresses are $25 to $50, and shorts go for $20 to $25. Parents will want to check out the vintage Jam’s World Kids clothes which stopped production in the late 90s – all priced at $10!

Palm Spring is a year-round resort wear town, so come and stock up for that next soiree or day by the pool. And when the compliments about your new vintage tiki dress or that spiffy Hawaiian shirt start rolling in, think fondly of Mr. MacMillian and his love of our beautiful community. We’re so grateful that he chose Revivals as the establishment to pass along such great style and value, knowing that each purchase will help change lives for the better.

Discover the Revivals Clearance Center!

shutterstock_160669196You already know that Revivals has an exclusive selection of gently-used clothing, housewares, appliances, and more at amazing consignment prices. But did you know that there are even better bargains and hidden gems to be found every day right behind our main showroom Monday through Friday 8AM to 10AM? If you haven’t yet, you simply must come discover the Revivals Clearance Center!

The Clearance Center is for the serious bargain hunter, forager of deals, and dollar-savvy shopper who doesn’t mind a little ding on their side table, or a smudge on their shirt. There are also plenty of items in great condition that have come direct from our showroom. And considering that all clothes are only $.25, we think it’s worth a drop in. Don’t you?

The inventory found in our Clearance Center fall into two categories. Clothes, furniture, housewares, and other items that didn’t find a home during their stay on the main showroom floor, and pieces that are slightly soiled or damaged. The good news is that even at such incredibly low prices, these slightly soiled or damaged items can still be washed or fixed.

Our goal is to refresh our main floor merchandise every week to 30 days at the most. Clearance clothes and furniture are updated more frequently, about every few days, so there’s always something new to discover among the mélange of garments and goods. Jewelry, housewares, and furniture are all individually priced to move.

Need another reason to come check out the values at Revivials? Remember that all of your purchases and your donated and consigned items are all helping to benefit your neighbors at the Desert AIDS Project, a vital part of medical and comprehensive support services for people living with HIV/AIDS in the desert community.

Revivals Christmas in July!…..and August!

We know what you’re thinking. It’s a million degrees outside and the last thing you want dancing through your head are thoughts of turtlenecks and woolen mittens. We promise, we’re not making this up! Christmas in July has a documented history that can be traced back to a 1892 opera called Werther. As the story goes, a group of children rehearse a Christmas song in July. According to the English translation an onlooker observed, “When you sing Christmas in July, you rush the season.” And just like that, a global tradition was born.

Here at Revivals, we joyfully embrace the spirit of Christmas in July for two reasons. First, you know how we love resurrecting fabulous vintage treasures, and second, if we can help you get a jump on your Christmas shopping and save you some cash to boot, why not? So to help you get in the spirit of the season, here are some useful tips to help you shop for your nearest and dearest without get caught up in the holiday rush.

1. Pay attention. Has your sister has been borrowing a specific piece from your closet lately? Is there any particular color your mom just can’t stop wearing? If you start paying attention now to what your loved ones are coveting, you’ll have plenty of time to browse around for that perfect purchase. After all, everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift from the heart!

2. Start early. Mary Poppins was onto something when she declared, “Half begun is well done.” You already know the misery and stress that comes with waiting until mid December to start your holiday shopping. Not only are you limited to what stores have in stock on that particular day, but you’ll likely pay full price! We’re getting new merchandise all the time at Revivials, so keep checking in for the perfect gift at the perfect price.

3. Make it your own. We love the idea of buying a vintage or recycled piece of jewelry, for example, and adding your own personal signature. Engrave a few words of love on a locket, or put a nickname only known by the two of you on a music box. Personalizing an item adds that something extra making your gift even more precious to the lucky recipient.

4. Become a detective. Some people can feel like mission impossible to buy for, no matter how much you ask. We suggest the following tactics should you need to engage in a little gift-giving recon. Does this person have a hobby? Try glancing through any mail catalogues lying around to get a sense of their interests. Ask them to tell you their favorite memories or stories from the past. Revivals is the perfect place to find a gift reminiscent of that special time in their life. When all else fails, ask their wife, husband, or best friend!

5. Give to get. Low on Christmas cash? Now is the perfect time to clean out your closets and rethink your old furniture for consignment! After all, Revivals gives you the highest consignment commission in the desert community! If you’re over that gently worn kimono, bring it in and add a little extra cash to your Christmas stash. Consider donating a little of your free time to volunteer and support your neighbors in need. We all know that giving is always more rewarding than receiving in the end.

Revivals Employee Spotlight May 2015

Charles L Huff, Volunteer Coordinator, Revivals/DAP

Charles L Huff

I come to Revivals with over 20 years of banking operations experience in New Jersey and San Francisco, CA and the former Bank Operations Manager for the City & County of San Francisco Treasurer’s Office under 2 treasurers;  Mary Callanan and Susan Leal.  HIV/AIDS advocacy, volunteering, fund development and board work in San Francisco has been part of my being in San Francisco. I have been part of New Leaf Services for Our Community as a volunteer, chair of fund raising, board member and board president; Black Coalition on AIDS, board member and board president. For many years led New Leaf and others in their efforts supporting, fundraising for and being the beneficiary of Academy of Friends (San Francisco non-profit raising money on Oscar night to benefit local agencies).

I came to Palm Springs with my partner of  32 for him to rest and heal from being a transitional quadriplegic and surviving stage 4 Head & Neck  Cancer (that we thought was in remission) after a year and a half his cancer returned on the pancreas, making me a widower.

It became time for me to rebuild a life and I chose to stay in Palm Springs, where I have met many wonderful people who have encouraged and lifted me up. I began to seek out employment where I found Brighthaus Marketing who employed me in the social media realm which led me to volunteering for Desert AIDS Project, further I took on some social media work for Desert AIDS Project which later led to part time employment with Resource and Development at DAP. When I saw the posting for the Volunteer Coordinator at Revivals I applied, a combination of business, volunteerism, supervision and creativity and here I am.

Music and theatre have always been a part of my life and recently have returned to it with friends and families encouragement.  You can hear me sing at the Finals of Palm Springs Sings at the Purple Room Palm Springs June 19th, 2015 6:30 pm Reservations encouraged $10.00.

As the new Volunteer Coordinator at Revivals it is my goal to lead the best retail volunteer corps;  building it in numbers, social networking and entertainment, cross volunteerism, activism and really sharing the joy of volunteerism and giving back to one’s community. The Coordinator position is being revamped so that I will be much more accessible and involved in your store activities and the overall management of volunteers. Caring and sharing to make Revivals an even greater institution within the Desert AIDS Project brand than it already is.  I look forward to our journey together, ironing out kinks making a perfectly pressed ensemble that will be the talk of the town!

10 Ways to Make a Small Space Seem Larger

shutterstock_133937003Small-space decorating can be a challenge, but choosing the right furniture and following the right home décor tricks is the easiest way to make your small space count.
You don’t need to give up on fabulous home décor ideas just because you live in tight quarters.

Home Décor Trick #1: Tables & Chairs
Console tables are the perfect solution to save space and provide a lovely dressing area. Opt for sofas and armchairs with raised legs, which can create a sense of space.

Home Décor Trick #2: Material, Girl (& Guy)
Choose materials that don’t obstruct sight lines. Supplement substantial pieces with lighter, wire mesh furniture to add texture, without heaviness. And if adding drapes, stick to sheer.

white mirror living room

Photo Cred: PopSugar.com

Home Décor Trick #3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors not only portray the fairest of them all, but can create lovely illusions of space. Mirrored furniture adds dimension and reflects light, making rooms appear larger. Embrace art deco with painted mirror frames or antique glass. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors is especially effective.

Photo Credit: www.alnasser.org

Photo Credit: alnasser.org


Home Décor Trick #4: Think Versatility
Floor-to-ceiling shelving will help you create more space to store all those amazing vintage books you’ve been collecting. This trick will also expand how high your ceilings look. Use a chest as a coffee table, or an ottoman as a seat.

Home Décor Trick #5: Get High…in Bed      

A bed on risers can give way to more storage below. Head over to your nearest resale or vintage shop to find the perfect design for your new bed skirt.

shutterstock_162743195Home Décor Trick #6: Lighten Up
Use a color scheme that’s light rather than bright or dark. White can especially open up any room and make it look bigger than it is. And let the light in. Allow natural light with large windows and sheer or pulled back curtains.

Home Décor Trick #7: In Living Color
Don’t be afraid of color, either. Furniture that is the same color as your walls will widen your space. Clever contrasts like cream and icy blue are one of many great combinations. Also try giving pops of color with pale gray and light greens. Color coordinate your books or decorations, which can create a streamlined look. Interior decorators often will paint the trim and molding lighter than the walls. This gives a sense that the walls are pushed back more than they actually are.

Home Décor Trick #8: Artsy Fartsy
You can still add drama to small spaces. Create a focal point with one prominent item like large wall art or a dining table. Limit the remaining items to a minimum. And decorate with rugs! A large area rug is a good way to give your apartment a few extra square inches of space.

Photo Credit: http://www.realsimple.com

Photo Credit: realsimple.com

Home Décor Trick #9: The Simple Life
Unclutter. Create organized storage wherever possible. Not only will this open the room, but will give you a sense of organization and peace. Bookcases with enclosed compartments are a perfect solution for hiding everyday clutter.

Home Décor Trick #10: Be Consistent
Use one neutral tone throughout, when designing common areas. Tie rooms together using paint, rugs and furniture.
A sense of spaciousness and comfort can still be achieved in a smaller space. Make your small house live large.
Come check out how our Palm Desert and Cathedral City stores can create more space in your space.

Revivals and Home Care Help Client Live a Normal Life

DAP ClientWhen Dennis Golay and his partner, Larry Gibson, tested positive for HIV infection in 1988, in the days before antiretroviral drugs, it seemed like a death sentence. Dennis is now in his late 60’s, feeling blessed, and that “life is really good,” thanks in no small part to D.A.P.

Dennis’ later years have been hampered by serious illness and then Larry Gibson, his partner of 32 years, died. Through all of this, D.A.P. has been by his side with myriad in-home services, chief among them a Home Caregiver named Steve Meyers.

Christine Bielawa, RN and Medical Case Manager, says Steve is part of our team of case managers, nurses, social workers, and Home Caregivers, who make it possible for clients to remain safe and independent in their homes by bringing care to them. Revivals also contributes to home care for Dennis and 69 other clients because all revenues above operating costs fund services provided by D.A.P. Moreover, some of Dennis’ furnishings, including the bar stool on which he sat while being interviewed, came from Revivals.

“Home Care Case Management is unique,” Christina says. “We see clients where they live.”

Dennis’ Home Care Team—Social Worker and Registered Nurse—visit quarterly to evaluate his health and asses his needs. Frequently, they also call to check on him as well, Christina says.

Steve visits on Monday and Thursday doing laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, cooking, and driving Dennis to appointments. Steve also has dropped off donations from Dennis to Revivals.

“Anything a client needs help with, I’m here to do that,” Steve says.

“He does great laundry,” Dennis chimes in, “not that I have that much.”

Dennis is a slight wisp of a guy: five-foot-five and 118 pounds. He needed a pair of big shoulders to lean on when Larry passed away. What he got was support from his Home Care team. And Steve was there, too, all six-foot-four-inches and 265 pounds of him.

“There’ve been times when I was ill, near death’s door and I couldn’t do anything and Steve was always there,” Dennis recalls. Dennis was hospitalized for 26 days with MRSA Pneumonia and septicemia, his body poisoning itself, the cure wrecking his kidneys. “Steve was there when I got home. He did everything. Then Larry got sick. Life has been traumatic around here. I don’t know what either my partner or I would have done without Steve and the home care staff.”

Steve is very humble in the face of such praise.

“My clients are my circle of family,” Steve says shyly. “I don’t think you can do this without building personal relationships and connections with people.”

Both Dennis and Larry moved to the Palm Springs area in 1995, specifically for the array of services D.A.P. provides, unable to find adequate care elsewhere. Although treatments were still being tested and perfected, and the two battled low T-cells and opportunistic infections, Dennis credits D.A.P. with providing the care they needed to survive, and even thrive, once treatments improved. As their health improved, for many years, they were dedicated volunteers for D.A.P.—in the Food Depot and Condom Club, at the Desert AIDS Walk, and the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards annual fundraising gala. They were outspoken supporters, always ready to tell their stories of living with HIV in an effort to dispel the stigma attached to the disease.

D.A.P. care gave them the opportunity to grow old together, something they hadn’t dared hope for when first diagnosed. Growing older with HIV is not without its challenges, as older PLWHA begin to experience other health complications associated with aging and some HIV treatments are even known to accelerate the process.

In fact, Larry battled AIDS plus other co-infections, including Hepatitis C and diabetes for many years. It is Dennis’s feeling that D.A.P. extended his partner’s life at least 10 years beyond what it would have otherwise been.

Several years before that, Dennis himself had suffered a heart attack and underwent quintuple bypass surgery. Already weakened by heart disease, two years ago, he was hospitalized with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection complicated by septicemia. Although he survived against the odds, the septicemia and strength of the antibiotics used to treat his infection weakened his kidneys such that he required dialysis for the next 7 months. Larry cared for Dennis and then became terrible weak himself.

“Every time I come into this house I say hello to Larry,” Steve says, “and I say hello to Larry with sadness and joy. So this is very personal. It’s one of the biggest reasons this work is so rewarding. It’s not just coming into a house to clean it. It’s much more than that.”
“DAP’s Home Care can be emotionally challenging case management due to intimate interactions involved. We get to know families, friends and even neighbors,” Christina says. “It is personal and moving.”

Although Dennis no longer requires dialysis, his health must be closely monitored.

Living alone with heart disease and weakened kidneys, Dennis is in need of some assistance in order to remain in his home. Although he is currently insured by and HMO and no longer receives his medical care at D.A.P. through Medi-Cal and Ryan White as he has in the past, he does still receive D.A.P. medical transportation assistance.
Dennis reports that the quality of his life has been greatly enriched by D.A.P.’s Home Care team. Although he accepts that someday he may need to sell his home and move to assisted living, with D.A.P. Home Care he says, it will be his decision, not that of his disease.

“Home Care allows me to live a normal life,” Dennis says.

As I interviewed him, there was a light in his voice that often seemed so contrary to the life challenges he was describing—crushing illness and loss. But his life story is what D.A.P. exists for—to give hope, to facilitate triumph over adversity, to offer our clients a chance to feel that “life is really good” despite HIV.

Revivals sadly says farewell to San Diego

Hillcrest store contributed more than $80,000 in cash and merchandise to area AIDS service organizations

For four years, the Revivals store at 1644 University in Hillcrest has been helping to provide financial support, merchandise vouchers, and in-store promotion to Mama’s Kitchen, the LGBT Center, and Being Alive as they serve those living with or affected by HIV or AIDS.

“These are such worthwhile organizations, doing some of the same work in San Diego that D.A.P. does in the Coachella Valley and beyond,” said David Brinkman, CEO of Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs. “Even though our Revivals store is, unfortunately, closing, we continue to wish them nothing but the best in serving their clients and fulfilling their missions.” When Revivals, the chain of resale stores benefitting Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs, opened its Hillcrest location at 1644 University in San Diego on February 7, 2011 they hoped the store would continue helping to support local AIDS service organizations (ASOs) for many years to come.

Contributing more than $30,000 in $10 merchandise cards over four years, Revivals helped provide clothing, basic necessities for living, and more to needy clients of local ASOs. Over that same time, the Hillcrest Revivals contributed nearly $50,000 to sponsor local fundraisers like “Nightmare on Normal Street” for The Center and the annual wine event for Mama’s Kitchen. And the store manager, employees, and volunteers were always eager to help promote events like the San Diego AIDS Walk with in-store features and through the highly-visible windows at the Hillcrest Revivals.

“We’ve loved working with the great group of employees and volunteers at the Hillcrest store but sadly, we’ve lost our lease on the property,” said Mike Scarff, D.A.P.’s Director of Retail who heads up operations for all Revivals stores. “After examining a number of different options that would have made it feasible for us to continue operating in the San Diego market, we have begun the process of selling inventory in the final phases of closing the store on February 28.”

As they sadly say good-bye to Hillcrest and San Diego, Revivals encourages local ASOs to use the rest of their merchandise vouchers … and for everyone to enjoy the increasing savings they’ll find at Revivals all the way up to closing day on February 28.

Coachella: Festival Meets Fashion

Whether you go field glam, indie-chic or the not-trying-too-hard vintage, there are a ton of options to fit everyone’s style inspiration.  Ladies and gentlemen, start planning your bohème outfits, now.

Here is a guide to getting the look best suited for you.

  1. Worn, comfy Levis: Do Levi’s ever really go out of style? Distressed is in, and we have a ton of Levis at our stores for you to wear as is or cut and patch to suit your distinct style.
  2. Flower or fringe…anything:  Fringe is in! And where else can you get away with wearing a flower crown? Check out our stock of bright and flowery Tommy Bahamas camisoles, skirts and dresses – perfect for layering.6a00d834555dcb69e2017c38927571970b
  3. Cheap sunglasses: A killer pair is a must for the hot desert sun. And colorful sunnies are a festival must.
  4. Colorful scarf: Why? Because not only are scarves an awesome fashion accessory, they can help keep you warm when the sun has gone down in Indio.  Choose a color that complements your casual or funky look or your skin tone. Scarves should make a statement without overwhelming your outfit. Try a longer scarf on your head for that sassy, hippie look!  Think of it as a sweaty hair saver.Coachella fashion white dress & hair scarf
  5. Ankle boots: Booties are light enough for the day, but protect your feet from all the dust as you dance the day away.
  6. Onesie or Kimono: You’ll not only feel comfortable, but will look effortlessly cool.  Be ultra-bohemian with a breezy kimono-style cover-up.
  7. Widebrim or boater hat: Block just the right amount of sun and ooze style with a topper. Beat the heat in style.20140509-011422
  8. Black:  It’s okay if you’re not into the bright, flowing dresses. Black never goes out of style. Use it to achieve that punk rock look. Add some key pieces like chokers or dangly earrings. And leather will always have its place at concerts.
  9. Maxi skirt: They’re long, comfy and stylish all at the same time. Pair a printed one with a simple, triangle top for the perfect style duo.long flower maxi skirt and widebrim black hat
  10. Colored hair: If there were ever a time to use that wash out blue hair spray – Coachella would be it. A pop of color is always an awesome accessory.

Check out Revivals stores to find your unique style!

Long skirt image: www.Elle.com

Hair image: jensca01.tumblr.com

Flower headband image: blogs.fidm.com

Vanessa Hudgens image: www.weheartit.com

Dane Koch promoted to Director of Retail for Revivals Stores – effective March 28, 2015 – as Mike Scarff retires

Dane KochAfter 10 years of service to Desert AIDS Project in building the Revivals chain of stores to its present position as a local market leader, Mike Scarff will begin his well-deserved retirement on March 27, 2015. We wish Mike and his wife, Barbara, health and happiness wherever retirement may take them. While no one can ever replace Mike, Dane Koch has been chosen as the new Director of Retail at Desert AIDS Project for Revivals.

Dane started his retail management career at Montgomery Ward, leaving as their Business Manager after 11 years. For the next 17 years, Dane was a Regional District Manager for Michaels, the well-known arts and crafts chain. In 2012, Dane started at Revivals Palm Desert, was promoted to Buyer the following year, and became Revivals’ Assistant Director in 2014. Having already proven himself as an enormous asset, we invite you all to add your congratulations to Dane when you see him next in the Revivals store where you volunteer!

In the meantime, please allow me to add my thanks, along with both Mike and Dane, for your ongoing service to Revivals. You help to make it possible for Desert AIDS Project to fulfill its mission of enhancing health and well-being every day.

Until there’s a cure …

David Brinkman, CEO
Desert AIDS Project